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    IAEN: Current Issues in the Economics of HIV / AIDS. Contrasts and comparisons of simulation modeling exercises and their use in analysis of policy options and interventions, Thursday, April 24, 2003. Transcript.

    International AIDS Economics Network [IAEN]

    [Palo Alto, California], Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2003. 61 p.

    The problem that we were addressing with this model was the fact that most countries now have strategic plans for organizing the national HIV/AIDS effort. But, that there’s very little strategic analysis of the funding that goes into that plan. In fact, the costing (unintelligible) after the goals are already set. This creates a variety of problems, but the major one is that the funding and the goals are not linked in any way that allows you to see how changes in the funding, either in the total amount or in the allocation, effects the goals you can achieve. It means, it makes it difficult to set reasonable goals. It also makes it difficult to do strategic allocation funding. (excerpt)
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