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    Consultation on strategic information and HIV prevention among most-at-risk adolescents. 2-4 September 2009, Geneva. Consultation report.

    UNICEF; UNAIDS. Inter-Agency Task Team on HIV and Young People

    New York, New York, UNICEF, 2010. 65 p.

    The Consultation on Strategic Information and HIV Prevention among Most-at-Risk Adolescents (MARA) focused on experiences in countries where HIV infection is concentrated among men who have sex with men (MSM), injecting drug users (IDUs), and those who sell sex. The meeting facilitated the exchange of information across regions on country-level data collection regarding MARA; identified ways to use strategic information to improve HIV prevention among MARA; and suggested ways to build support for MARA programming among decision-makers.
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    Global Consultation on Adolescent Friendly Health Services: a consensus statement, Geneva, 7-9 March 2001.

    World Health Organization [WHO]. Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Development

    Geneva, Switzerland, WHO, 2002. 29 p. (WHO/FCH/CAH/02.18)

    In 1995, WHOorgadized a studygroup on programming for adolescent health and development along with UNICEF and UNFPA. This resulted in the development of a 'Common Agenda for Action' on adolescent health and development, endorsed by the three agencies. The Common Agenda called for the application of a package of'actions' by a variety of 'players', to promote healthy development in adolescents and to prevent and respond to health problems if and when they arise. The 'actions' include: the creation of a safe and supportive environment; the provision of information; building life-skills; the provision of health and coupselling services. (excerpt)
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