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    Fifth African regional conference on sexually transmitted diseases. Report on the sixth conference of the African Union against Venereal Diseases and Treponematoses (AUVDT) held at Harare, Zimbabwe, on 1 to 5 June 1987.

    Osoba AO

    GENITOURINARY MEDICINE. 1987 Dec; 63(6):396-7.

    The themes of the 1987 African conference on venereal diseases were AIDS, penicillinase producing Neisseria gonorrhoea (PPNG), and yaws. The main topic was AIDS, as there are an estimated 50,000 cases in Africa and millions of people who are asymptomatic carriers. An overview of the problem was discussed including the WHO program and its goals on transmission prevention and reduction of death and sickness. There have been 35 countries reporting AIDS cases to WHO but 13 have not reported any. Over 40 papers were presented on the epidemiology, diagnosis, transmission, and infections of AIDS in Africa. A workshop was conducted on the detection of HIV antibody. The discussion on PPNG strains and its increasing number of cases throughout Africa caused re- evaluation of treatment programs. Over 30 papers were presented on PPNG strains and ranged from epidemiological studies to control and management in developing countries. Clinical features of yaws cases were described and the need expressed for strong action to deal with this resurgence. The remaining time was spent on primary care approaches in diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted diseases in rural areas. The decentralization of these services and their integration in primary care units in developing countries was also discussed.
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