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    The United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. Strategy 2010-2015. Vision 2015.

    United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women

    [New York, New York], United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, [2011]. [32] p.

    The strategy of the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women identifies the key roles the UN Trust Fund can play in the coming years, including driving country- and local-level implementation of existing policies and laws, serving as a global hub of knowledge on “what works,” and catalysing strong and coherent UN system-wide action to support countries in addressing the violence against women pandemic. The strategy, titled “Vision 2015,” centres on: Translating the promise to end violence against women and girls into practice: Intensifying efforts to turn policy pledges into reality for women and girls by expanding the quality and quantity of support available for effective prevention and support programmes on the ground. Paving the way to knowledge-based action on ending violence against women and girls: Generating and disseminating knowledge on “what works” in the field of ending violence against women, and serving as a hub of knowledge on best practices for adaptation and expansion. Building ownership of the UN Trust Fund throughout the UN system: Strengthening the role and contributions of the UN system at the global, regional and country levels, building on the United Nations’ commitment to “deliver as one” to advance implementation of national strategies to end violence against women and girls. Grounded in the UN Secretary-General’s “UNITE to end Violence against Women campaign, the strategy capitalizes on the UN Trust Fund’s unique potential to directly advance the campaign’s goals on the ground.
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    United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. Together for a better tomorrow.

    Lewis K

    [New York, New York], UN Women, [2011]. [21] p.

    Today, violence against women is a fact of life in communities and countries across the world. It transcends the bounds of geography, race, culture, class and religion. It ranges from intimate partner violence to the use of rape as a weapon of war, from sexual harassment in public spaces to harmful practices like child marriage. But tomorrow can be different. Societies change, sometimes very fast. Behaviours, norms and institutions that are commonplace and unremarkable in the eyes of one generation can be rejected by the next. The UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, established in 1996, embodies the heartening awakening of global consciousness. The only multilateral grant-making mechanism exclusively devoted to supporting efforts to end violence against women and girls, the UN Trust Fund works with partners across the world to secure much-needed services for women and girls affected by violence and to invest in long-term solutions to prevent violence from happening in the first place. For fifteen years, the UN Trust Fund has supported innovative, effective initiatives designed to transform the ways in which people think and act. The brochure “Together for a Better Tomorrow” highlights the work of the UN Trust Fund and its partners, delivering on the international community’s commitment to making good on its promises to end violence against women and girls.
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