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    Integrated management of childhood illness: field test of the WHO / UNICEF training course in Arusha, United Republic of Tanzania. WHO Division of Child Health and Development and WHO Regional Office for Africa.

    Gove S; Whitesell P; Mason K; Egwaga S; Perry H; Simoes E


    The World Health Organization/UNICEF training course on the integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI) for health workers in developing countries was field tested in Arusha, Tanzania, during February-March 1995 to determine whether it could effectively prepare participants to correctly manage sick children and to suggest improvements in course materials and teaching procedures. The 11-day course was tested upon the most peripheral first-level facility health workers: 8 medical assistants, 8 rural medical aides, and 7 maternal-child health (MCH) aides. Each trainee individually examined 9-10 inpatients and managed more than 30 sick children as outpatients. While some trainees had problems reading the training modules in English, all 3 groups overall could assess, classify, and treat most sick children by the end of the course. Most were also able to provide adequate counseling. Improvements were suggested and incorporated into the course guidelines and training materials.
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