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    Training and utilization of village health workers.

    World Health Organization [WHO]

    Geneva, Switzerland, WHO, 1974. 324 p. (HMD/74.5)

    A report of a Working Group of WHO, as part of the preparation of a program for improving and developing health services at the village level on the bais of the training and utilization of auxiliary health workers, is presented. An example list of the most common or most urgent problems encountered at the village or rural community level served as a basis for the program. The Working Group has used their assessment of needs and priorities in order to prepare problem outlines, described tasks, set educationl objectives, suggest teaching methods, and produce a practical guide to help the health worker learn his role. The health worker will help in the development of the outer reaches of the health services. The essential characteristics of the health worker, his role and tasks are outlined. The practical guide for health workers covers information on: communicable diseases, maternal care, child health, accidents, village and home sanitation, common requests, and community development. The components that contribute to the cost of this program are described as well as the logistics of the program. A summary of guidelines for adapting the proposed project to national situations is included. The appendices include: 1) a list of common priority health and community problems; 2) a list and estimated cost of reqired equipment, drugs, and supplies; 3) a few primary care technqiues; and 4) an explanation of key words.
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