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    The CU-7 and postcoital contraception.

    Tyrer LB

    [Unpublished] 1979 Oct 10-12. Presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Association of Planned Parenthood Physicians, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 10-12, 1979. 16 p.

    A study was undertaken by Planned Parenthood Federation to discover the effectiveness rate of postcoital Copper-7 IUD (CU-7) insertion in preventing pregnancy. Hence the use of CU-7 postcoitally after unprotected midcycle coitus was assessed in 42 valid candidates (of 80 who were originally enrolled). No pregnancies were documented resulting from the unprotected midcycle coitus in any of the 42 study participants. Fertilization was assumed to have occurred in 5 women (12%), based on positive radioimmunoassay and human chorionic gonadotropin radioreceptorassay on Day 25 of cycle. 4 patients have continued to use the device. Acceptor characteristics of all 42 eligible acceptors and the continuers are presented tabularly. Presumed fertilization occurred in 10 other women, presumed because only chorionic gondotropin assay was positive, which could have been detecting merely luteinizing hormone. 57% of study participants had the IUD in place at the 3rd visit. 14% (n=6) had the IUD removed, preferring another or no contraceptive method. The study seems to confirm the postcoital effect of IUDs.
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