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    A report on UNFPA/EWPI Technical Working Group Meeting on Integration of Family Planning with Rural Development, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii 15-18 February 1978.

    United Nations Fund for Population Activities [UNFPA]

    New York, UNFPA, 1979. 37 p. (Policy Development Studies No. 1)

    Unifunctional family planning programs have proven limited in dealing with the multifaceted nature of fertility regulation. Effective fertility regulation must be accompanied by improvement of socioeconomic conditions for the rural population. The organizational arrangements for the integration of family planning into other services is the main topic of this report. Many questions of integration of services cannot be answered in generalities; specific guidelines need to be applied to specific situations. Under certain circumstances family planning integration with rural development can improve the program and advance development. The partners in integration should be chosen with consideration for the conditions in each location. It is preferable to link specialized services at the point of service delivery. Plans which create large umbrella agencies should be viewed with caution. Integration in the form of community-based family planning programs can often help increase popular participation and acceptance to make family planning more successful. In the initial stages of integration, voluntary agencies or neutral government agencies can be helpful in coordinating specialized government agencies when jurisdictional concerns preclude effective intragency exchanges. Integration programs may be efficient and cost-effective in the long run, but they may require a sizeable initial investment.
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