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    Exploring common ground: STI and FP.

    World Health Organization [WHO]. Department of Reproductive Health and Research

    Geneva, Switzerland, WHO, Department of Reproductive Health and Research, 2001. 23 p. (WHO/FCH/RHR/01.20)

    This document reports on a WHO meeting held in 2001 to discuss how reproductive health (RH) services can be integrated into family planning (FP) and sexually transmitted infection (STI)/HIV services. It notes that this integration must include the adoption of new policies to promote barrier methods such as the condom, which can prevent both pregnancy and STI/HIV infection. This meeting was the first of a two-part consultation which would address dual protection at the global level, while the second part would consider dual protection in countries of the former Soviet Union and some of the Central and eastern Europe/Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltic States. This paper includes presentations and discussions of participants during the meeting. The annexes attached present the WHO/Joint UN Program on HIV/AIDS/UN Population Fund policy statement, and a list of participants.
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