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    Falling short: the World Bank's role in population and reproductive health.

    Conly SR; Epp JE

    Washington, D.C., Population Action International, 1997. x, 66 p.

    This report examines World Bank activities in the field of population. It focuses on the following questions: "In policy discussions with borrower countries, to what extent is the Bank encouraging attention to the relationships between population dynamics and development and ensuring that population concerns are adequately addressed? To what extent is the Bank providing financial support to reproductive health programs, including family planning? How can the Bank expand lending for these programs, improve the effectiveness of Bank-financed projects and stimulate additional donor and national funding? [and] What capacity does the Bank have for providing expert advice with respect to the sound planning and effective implementation of reproductive health and family planning projects? How are current organizational changes affecting the Bank's work in both population and reproductive health?" (EXCERPT)
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