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    Provision of STD services in maternal and child health and family planning settings. Integration of STD services within gender-specific clinical settings. Report of an internal WHO / GPA meeting.

    World Health Organization [WHO]. Global Programme on AIDS

    [Unpublished], 1993. Background paper for Informal Technical Working Group Meeting on STD Activities in GPA, Geneva, Switzerland, February 15-17, 1993. 11 p.

    An informal meeting of senior staff from several programs was held to identify areas common to both the AIDS/STD program and MCH/FP programs, and to explore methods of STD case management and service provision within gender-specific clinical settings as a means of more effectively controlling and preventing STD in the general community. This document summarizes the presentation and subsequent discussions. Sections discuss STD/HIV maternal and child health and family planning, STD case management in primary health settings, constraints to the integration of STD services in MCH/FP settings, and recommendations on operational research. Two examples of the relationship between MCH/FP and STD services were presented; one from urban and rural areas in Zimbabwe and the other from Botswana. It was agreed that clinical settings where women are likely to attend, such as MCH/FP, are an important opportunity to deliver STD diagnostic and treatment services along with education and condom promotion and provision. A small working group will be established from appropriate programs to further develop operational research on incorporating STD care in MCH/FP services and to advise, where appropriate, on case management.
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