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    Oral rehydration therapy for treatment of rotavirus diarrhoea in a rural treatment centre in Bangladesh.

    Taylor PR; Merson MH; Black RE; Rahman AS; Yunus MD; Alim AR; Yolken RH

    Archives of Disease in Childhood. 1980 May; 55(5):376-9.

    The outcome of a rehydration treatment used during a 40-day period at a WHO Center in Bangladesh on 216 children under age 5 is reported. In addition, an enzyme-linked immunosorbentassay (ELISA) designed to detect rotavirus in stool specimens is described and its application explained. The ELISA assay was adaptable to use in a rural treatment center. In a 40-day period, using the new virus-detecting assay, rotavirus without other pathogens was found in stools of 216 (45%) of 480 children who attended the center with gastrointestinal illness. Of these 216 children with only rotavirus pathogen, 188 were treated with oral rehydration alone (oral glucose solution prepared according to WHO procedures); 28 required additional intravenous rehydration therapy. No deaths occurred. 95% of the cases were judged successful on oral rehydration alone for gastrointestinal effects of rotavirus infection. No serious side effects were reported. This oral glucose solution is now indcated in E. coli (enter otoxin)-mediated diarrhea as well as in rotavirus-induced diarrhea.
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