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    Fighting TB -- forging ahead. Overview of the Stop TB Special Project in the Western Pacific Region, 2002.

    World Health Organization [WHO]. Regional Office for the Western Pacific. Stop TB Special Project

    Manila, Philippines, WHO, Regional Office for the Western Pacific, 2002. 77 p.

    This report: (i) describes the epidemiological situation of TB control in the Western Pacific Region, (ii) outlines the progress in building and implementing the Stop TB Special Project, (iii) discusses the issues and challenges in reducing TB prevalence in the seven most highrisk countries in the Region, and (iv) appraises the special project’s financial resources and requirements up to 2005. Adequate funds are essential to the success of the Stop TB Special Project and to reaching the targets in TB control. This report thus gives special attention to the seven TB high burden countries’ national Stop TB plans, including their partnership-building and resource mobilization. A summary of their five-year plans, which were endorsed by the second Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meeting of Beijing in June 2001, can be found in Annex 1. (excerpt)
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