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    2003 report of the Steering Committee on Dengue and other Flaviviruses Vaccines, including minutes of the SC Meeting, WHO, Geneva, 2-3 April 2003.

    World Health Organization [WHO]. Vaccines and Biologicals Department. Initiative for Vaccine Research. Steering Committee on Dengue and Other Flaviviruses Vaccines

    Geneva, Switzerland, WHO, 2003. vii, 22 p. (VAB/VIR/2003.03)

    Dr M.P. Kieny introduced the Steering Committee (SC) meeting by stating that the objectives for the meeting are to evaluate progress in the following areas (1) dengue vaccines that are in early stages of development and pre-clinical evaluation, (2) research related to the assessment of efficacy and immunogenicity of JE vaccines and (3) vaccines and vaccination against other flaviviruses. The anticipated outcomes are to define research priority for further WHO activity, and recommend new research projects for support in 2003-4. No progress in clinical trials of dengue vaccines was included in the agenda of the 2003 SC meeting. It is based on the fact that WHO/IVR has established the Task Force for clinical trials of dengue vaccine and this Group is responsible for scientific advice on the next steps of clinical trials paying special attention to the vaccine safety. The previous TF meeting was held in November 2002 in Denver. The next one will be convened in December 2003 probably in conjunction with the annual meeting of the ASTMH. WHO decided to extend the area of the SC research by including some other flaviviruses vaccines of high priority for developing countries. The SC will consider yellow fever, West Nile and tick-borne encephalitis vaccines as potential components of the future SC activity. (excerpt)
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