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    Sexuality education on the job.

    REACHING OUT. 1998 Spring; 17:1-2.

    The Asociacion Demografica Salvadorena (ADS) has been working with the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) in El Salvador since November 1995 to provide sexual and reproductive health services to the country's working classes. UNFPA funding is provided through the Salvadoran government. ADS has entered the commercial and labor sectors to provide sexual and reproductive health services, and expand related public education programs to marginalized working class urban residents of El Salvador's Zona Central. The project has thus far created 25 Reproductive Health Units (UDESAR) in a number of companies, overseen by trained personnel who offer family planning and counseling services, including family planning methods, and the detection of cervical/uterine cancer, breast self-examination, HIV/STD prevention, and the determination of reproductive risk. Volunteers trained by ADS in sexual and reproductive health from a gender perspective, including decision-making and raising women's levels of self-esteem and decision-making capabilities in family planning, safe sex, and general sexual health, help project leaders by educating and motivating co-workers. ADS's involvement in promoting reproductive health in El Salvador has also given the organization an opportunity to broaden its relationship with international agencies.
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