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    Evidence for interventions included in the Minimum Package of Maternal and Newborn Interventions.

    Mridha MK

    MotherNewBorNews. 2006 Aug-Dec; 2(1):[15] p.

    In 2006, USAID and several of its partners agreed to the implementation of a minimum set of evidence-based interventions in maternal and newborn programs. These included a number of community-based and facility-based interventions that could be phased in to improve the survival and well being of mothers and newborns. These interventions have been tested in various operations research studies and have also been provided as an integrated package of services as described in subsequent sections of this newsletter. Below is a summary of evidence for each of the interventions. In the interest of brevity and simplicity, we have limited the evidence to just a few key studies. To keep the document consistent with the MAMAN framework described in the previous article, the evidence for MAMAN interventions has been described under three broad categories: I) Minimum maternal and newborn care, II) Other essential interventions, and III) Context specific interventions. (excerpt)
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