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    Price of vital TB drugs reduced by as much as 94% through WHO partnership. Press release. [Reducción de hasta el 94% en el precio de fármacos vitales contra la tuberculosis gracias a asociación con la OMS. Comunicado de prensa]

    World Health Organization [WHO]

    Geneva, Switzerland, WHO, 2001 Jul 19 2 p. (Press Release WHO/35)

    Outbreaks of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in public institutions in the US, Europe, and Latin America have caused many deaths and raised concerns about epidemic transmission of MDR-TB. Despite the availability of high quality "second line drugs,” their high cost prevents many people, especially those who are poor, to have access to such drugs. In this perspective, the WHO, Medecins Sans Frontieres, and Harvard Medical School made collaborative efforts to reduce TB drug prices and to a system designed to promote the use of the drugs in the most effective manner. Some countries will be able to save as much as 94% of their existing spending on the drugs needed to treat MDR-TB. The WHO is also working to ensure proper use of these drugs via a multiagency collaboration known as the "Green Light Committee." The cut in drug prices coupled with ensuring rational use will help to provide treatment to patients and contribute to the rapid development of a global policy on the treatment of MDR-TB.
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