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    Public health in Thailand.

    Thailand. Ministry of Public Health

    Bangkok, Thailand, Ministry of Public Health, 1957. 22 p

    The Department of Public Health was instituted in 1918 under the Ministry of Interior to supervise the medical and public health services of Thailand. The Ministry of Public Health was established in 1942. Its main activities are: a sanitary campaign; health education of the public; population and vital statistics; control of communicble diseases and narcotic drugs; and medical registration. The department was upgraded in 1950 by international and foreign aid from organizations such as the UN and WHO. The projects which benefitted were malaria control, yaws control, tuberculosis control, maternal and child health, hospital improvement, nursing and midwifery education, nutrition survey, leprosy control, and scholarships for study abroad. The crude death rates declined from 14.5 in 1946 to 9.4 in 1955. 11,112 physicians, dental surgeons, pharmacists, nurses (male), nurse/midwives, and midwives were registered in 1957. There are 8 nursing schools and 3869 registered nurses. There are 2 midwifery schools graduating 300 midwives per year, who practise in rural areas.
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