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    Peer Reviewed

    WHO launches taskforce to fight counterfeit drugs.

    Burns W

    Bulletin of the World Health Organization. 2006 Sep; 84(9):685-764.

    The International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce (IMPACT) aims to put a stop to the deadly trade in fake drugs, which studies suggest kill thousands of people every year. "We need to help people become more aware of the growing market in counterfeit medicines and the public health risks associated with this illegal practice," said Dr Howard Zucker, Assistant Director-General for the Health Technology and Pharmaceuticals cluster of departments at WHO. The taskforce will encourage the public, distributors, pharmacists and hospital staff to inform the authorities about their suspicions regarding the authenticity of a drug or vaccine. In a parallel move, the taskforce will help governments crack down on corruption in the sections of their police forces and customs authorities charged with enforcing laws against drug counterfeiting. Drug manufacturers will be encouraged to make their products more difficult to fake. (excerpt)
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    Health messages on everybody's mail.

    Madsen OA

    WORLD HEALTH FORUM. 1988; 9(1):24-8.

    Health meassages have long been carried on stamps, cancellations and special envelopes. Some postal administrations are particularly active in using stamps as a medium for messages. Others seem to be quite inactive. Perhaps some health ministries, and other interested parties, have not fully understood the enormous potential for health education which exists here. Stamps and frankings can be a major inexpensive source of information about health and other subjects. If those interested in promoting health were to use the full potential of stamps for this purpose, health for all would be 1 step closer to being achieved. The accompanying illustrations show that the health message can take many forms.
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