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    Funding the future: resources for adolescent health programs in developing countries.

    Macieira MM; Mohamud A; Farrell K; Tipton EC

    Washington, D.C., Center for Population Options, International Center on Adolescent Fertility, 1994. x, 70 p.

    This directory of agencies that support adolescent health programs in developing countries is a unique tool for identifying sources of support. The directory allows the identification of funding agencies that precedes the collaboration which is essential for turning the commitment, concern, and new ideas of program developers into reality. Part 1 of the directory lists organizations that fund programs directly (and which constitute the bulk of the listings). Part 2 presents organizations that fund through intermediaries (provide financial support to US-based agencies that work abroad). The best way to obtain support from these foundations is to collaborate with an intermediary organization. Appropriate intermediary organizations can be identified by obtaining the annual report of the foundation to see which organizations received funding recently. Agencies that provide technical assistance (in-kind support such as training, assistance in evaluation methodology, and educational supplied) are identified in Part 3. These organizations do not provide financial assistance. Finally, organizations interested in adolescent health are described in Part 4. These organizations have expressed an interest to be kept informed of activities, but they are not receptive to unsolicited proposals. They may be contacted to receive more information on their adolescent health activities. Information for each listing includes contacts, geographic regions of high priority, general purposes, types of projects supported, concern with adolescent health, descriptions of sample grants for youth work, and the application procedure. Advice on the art of advocacy, fund raising tips, how to write a proposal, and recommended resources is given in the appendices.
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