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    Compendium of international AIDS programmes and policies.

    UNICEF. Non-Governmental Organizations Committee. Working Group on AIDS

    [New York, New York], UNICEF, 1989 Winter. [7], 104, [41] p.

    The Compendium of International AIDS Programs and Policies, prepared by the Working Group on AIDS of the Non-Governmental Organizations Committee of UNICEF, is the 1st such comprehensive resource. The volume provides profiles on the activities of 104 international organizations that have developed programs in response to the AIDS crisis. For each organization, information is included on the contact person, country/region of operation, type of program, target population, channels of communication or service delivery, scope of activity, and materials produced. Also included in this compendium are the policy statements and resolutions on AIDS of major international private and public agencies. The compendium was prepared to serve 3 purposes: 1) serve as an information resource for individuals and organizations working internationally or at the grass-roots level, especially in high-incidence, resource-poor countries, to assist them to coordinate AIDS program efforts; 2) serve as a quick reference tool for the media to assist them in enhancing their coverage of the international aspects of AIDS; and 3) serve as a planning thesaurus to encourage the development of policy, particularly by organizations representing the nongovernmental sector, to meet the challenge of global AIDS. The compendium is free to journalists, development specialists, and public health workers in developing countries.
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    Zimbabwe AIDS directory -- 1995: non-governmental organisations, AIDS service organisations, support groups, funders, resources.

    Zimbabwe AIDS Network; Southern Africa AIDS Information Dissemination Service [SAfAIDS]

    Harare, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe AIDS Network, 1995. ix, 126 p.

    As the AIDS epidemic has unfolded in Zimbabwe, a number of organizations have developed AIDS programs for awareness and prevention and to help people cope with HIV infection. This Directory aims to provide information on the nongovernmental organizations (NGO), AIDS service organizations, support groups and donors involved in AIDS work in Zimbabwe. It also identifies information sources and materials available internationally, particularly those available free or at low cost, and with special relevance for Africa. Entries are listed alphabetically by name and acronym. It is hoped that the Directory will assist many organizations within the NGO community and beyond to identify resources and improve links with sister organizations, donors, and others responding to the demands of the AIDS epidemic. Most importantly, it is hoped that it will help people directly affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS to gain better access to services and support.
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    Inventory of nongovernmental organizations working on AIDS in developing countries. Preliminary version.

    World Health Organization [WHO]. Global Programme on AIDS

    [Unpublished] 1989. xii, 288 p. (GPA/DIR/89.10)

    The World Health Organization has produced an inventory of nongovernment organizations (NGOs) working on AIDS problems in developing countries. This guide lists over 40 countries where NGOs are located, and lists the NGOs separately in alphabetical order. It provides the address of the NGO, its branch offices, the phone number, and the contact person. It defines the type of organization and shows what groups the NGO is a member of. It also lists the main activities of the NGO, the main target groups that it focuses on, and the countries where AIDS activities are conducted. The budget of the NGO is given in US dollars and the source of the funding is shown. The percentage of the funds used in AIDS related activities and who they are provided to is also given. A list of publications and audiovisuals of the NGO is provided. Organizations are listed by category, by areas of AIDS related activities, and by main groups targeted.
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