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    Rand work on international development: a brief overview.

    Wolf C Jr

    Santa Monica, California, Rand, 1969 Jun. 15 p.

    The Rand Corporation has conducted development research on 21 countries: 5 Latin American, 8 Middle Eastern, and 8 in Asia. The countries receiving the most attention are Colombia, Turkey, Laos, Thailand, Korea, and the Philippines. Their research is relevant to national security because problems of economic and military aid, overseas bases, and "small" wars are often intertwined with political and economic and technological development in the less developed countries. The subject matter of the research includes planning and allocation of foreign aid; political and socioeconomic change; technological transfer; economic growth and structure; and, population growth. Future research will focus on systems analysis of population control programs; further work on technological diffusion; policymaking and organizational capacity; "regionalism"; country studies; and, international finance. Population control programs cannot be evaluated without fertility models. A major study of the costs and effectiveness of family planning programs in various parts of the world is planned along with suggestions for alternative programs, including financial incentives for those who accept smaller family size.
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