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    Report on the FAO/UNFPA Inter-Country Workshop on Population Education for Small Farmer Development, Quezon City, Philippines, November 29-December 8, 1977.

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations [FAO]

    Rome, Italy, FAO, 1978. 56 p.

    The objectives of the Inter-Country Training Workshop on Population Education for Small Farmer Development were to review the progress and exchange experiences on the FAO/ASARRD Field Action Projects for Small Farmer Development in the participating countries, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the Philippines. Population education guidelines, curriculum, methods, and teaching materials were discussed in the context of use for small farmers. The 6 elements in the strategy for reaching small farmers in Asia were: 1) formation of self-help local groups under their own leaders; 2) group organizers to guide efforts; 3) group planning from below; 4) action geared to the unique needs of the social group; 5) special access to capital; and 6) action-based research to evaluate content and procedures. Each participating country has a Small Farmers Development Team of 4 technical officers and a National Coordinating Committee headed by a high-level government official. Evaluation of the second year of the program determined that population components should be integrated into the training. The workshop plan included understanding basic concepts of population dynamics; understanding population education concepts; demonstrating materials and guidelines; obtaining country group analysis of educational contents; and planning and preparing specific, initial teaching materials relevant to their needs.
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