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    UN General Assembly marks Cairo's 10th anniversary.

    Population 2005. 2004 Dec; 6(4):1-2, 4,12.

    At a UN General Assembly commemorative meeting in October, marking the 10th anniversary of the Cairo Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), senior health and population officials from around the world joined with members of the diplomatic corps to review progress and note the remaining obstacles to the achievement of goals set in 1994 under a 20-year Program of Action. Among the nearly 70 speakers addressing the Assembly was Deputy Secretary-General Louise Frechette, who observed that 30 years ago in Bucharest, the World Population Conference had overcome political differences to adopt a comprehensive plan of action. That plan had given the world its first template for integrating population concerns into economic and social development, and established the basic principles guiding population programs today. Ten years ago in Cairo, the effort to address the intertwined challenges of population and development took another major step forward, as the Program of Action adopted there situated population issues more firmly in the broader quest for development and poverty reduction. Today, countries throughout the world continued to use the Cairo Program in forging the strategies and policies with which they hoped to address population issues and achieve the Millennium Development Goals. They were making substantial progress, building on the achievements of the earlier decades. (excerpt)
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