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    World health statistics 2010.

    World Health Organization [WHO]

    Geneva, Switzerland, WHO, 2010. [177] p.

    World Health Statistics 2010 contains WHO's annual compilation of data from its 193 Member States, and includes a summary of progress towards the health-related Millennium Development Goals and targets. This volume's indicators, taken together, provide a comprehensive summary of the current status of nine aspects of national health and health systems: mortality and burden of disease; cause-specific mortality and morbidity; selected infectious diseases; health service coverage; risk factors; health workforce, infrastructure and essential medicines; health expenditure; health inequities; and demographic and socioeconomic statistics.
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    Annual report on international statistics. 1999.

    Begeer W; Stemerdink GJ; Berze D

    Voorburg, Netherlands, International Statistical Institute [ISI], 1999. xii, 139 p. (ARIS Vol. 6)

    This paper presents an annual report on the international statistics for the year 1999 published by the International Statistical Institute (ISI) of Netherlands. The first chapter contains three articles concerning perspectives on statistics. The second chapter presents descriptions of the activities and plans of ISI and its five sections. The third chapter involves two parts: part A describes the statistical activities of the UN and its related institutions, while part B covers other international governmental organizations. The fourth chapter profiles international associations active in statistics and related fields. The fifth chapter focuses on private sector organizations, which includes a number of data archives. In addition, it presents non-profit organizations with an "official" background, like EuroCost. Chapter six presents a comprehensive listing of meetings for a number of years ahead.
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