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    New challenges and opportunities? Communication for HIV and development.

    du Guerny J; Hsu LN

    [Bangkok, Thailand], United Nations Development Programme [UNDP], South-East Asia HIV and Development Project, 2001 Feb. [7] p.

    This prompted me to wonder about the following two sides of the same consideration below: 1. Whether development decision makers and experts could explore how Communication could help them promote policies and activities on the interrelations between HIV/AIDS and development; and 2. Whether Communication experts could try to apply their talents to these complex but important interrelations. This is why, besides contributing to the Drum Beat chat, I would like to draw the attention of those interested in the relationship between HIV/AIDS and development to the potential role Communication could play. In other words, as HIV/AIDS is increasingly being recognized as a multisectoral issue, I would like to advocate for the need to develop appropriate Communication strategies for the development sectors (e.g. transport, construction, agriculture) most relevant for combating HIV/AIDS, besides the health one. (excerpt)
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