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    Association for population/family planning libraries and information centers-international (APLIC).

    Shipman PE

    Popin Bulletin. 1983 Apr; (4):1-8.

    Population centers and their information units or libraries were established as early as the 1920s, but population evolved as a field of study in its own right mainly during the 1950s and 60s. This paper attempts not so much to describe all that has taken place in the population information field to date, as to describe the activities of the Association for Population/Family Planning Libraries and Information Centers-International (APLIC). It is 1 of 2 international associations of population/family planning information specialists; the other is POPIN, in whose establishment APLIC played a key role. Membership can be either individual or institutional. At present there are 129 members from all parts of the globe. APLIC's goal is to make population, demographic, and family planning information available in the most effective way to researchers, policy-makers, clinicians, administrators, and program practitioners throughout the world. Its efforts are focused on 5 major areas: 1) the development of effective documentation and information systems and services; 2) professional contact among population librarians, documentalists, and information and communication specialists; 3) the global exchange of population information through programs and activities; 4) a cooperative network of population documentation centers and libraries; 5) continuing education to encourage professional development. Every year since 1968, APLIC has held a conference at which a diverse number of international and national information topics have been dealt with, and at which there have been working committees and information panels. Other activities include the publication of a newsletter, inter-library loans, reference services, and other matters relating to respective parent organizations.
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