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    Family Health International. Report 1988 - 1990.

    Family Health International [FHI]

    Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, FHI, 1990. 45 p.

    This report describes the Family Health International's (FHI) efforts in the areas of access to contraceptive methods, reproductive health services, and AIDS prevention during 1988-90. Founded in 1971, FHI has developed into a major multidisciplinary organization whose program divisions include AIDSTECH (engaged in AIDS prevention efforts), Clinical Trials, Field Development and Training, Materials Technology, Program Evaluation, and Reproductive Epidemiology, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. FHI has supported research into long-acting steroid systems such as NORPLANT, as well as research into sterilization and barrier methods. FHI has also established a programs to facilitate the introduction of new contraceptive methods and to improve the use of contraceptives. The organization has also devoted considerable efforts into AIDS prevention activities in 45 developing countries. Examples of FHI AIDS prevention efforts include the establishment of intervention programs among commercial prostitutes and blood screening programs. Other FHI activities include promoting the practice of breastfeeding, instructing policymakers as to the overall health effects of contraception, conducting pioneering research on maternal and infant mortality and morbidity, developing sustainable family planning, and developing new communication strategies. Finally, responding to the rising demand for family planning services and the increasing scarcity of resources, FHI has embarked on an initiative to examine the economics of family planning.
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