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    Healthy environments for children: workshop on the "promotion of collaborative research", Pattaya, Thailand, 3-5 February 2003.

    World Health Organization [WHO]

    Geneva, Switzerland, WHO, 2003. 36 p.

    Children’s exposure to environmental threats has been recognized as an increasing problem in many countries of the South East Asia and Western Pacific Regions. Both traditional threats, such as lack of access to safe water and sanitation and new, emerging environmental risks, such as those posed by endocrine disrupters, are a cause of concern. In addition, more is known–but not enough- about the special “windows of susceptibility” in children, periods when the timing of exposure may be more important than the dose. Despite the rising concern of the scientific community, progress has been slow in the identification and study of some environmental threats on children’s health and the efficacy of interventions. (excerpt)
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