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    Peer Reviewed

    Is "3 by 5" enough? Recalculating the global need for antiretroviral treatment.

    Anema A; Chan K; McGuire A; Barer JM; Hogg RS

    Lancet. 2004 Sep 18; 364:1034-1035.

    Epidemiological figures presented at the XV International Conference on HIV/AIDS in Bangkok in July, 2004, raised a disturbing irony—there are more people being infected and dying of HIV/AIDS than being treated. Since the WHO and United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) launched the “3 by 5” initiative in December, 2003, millions of people have become infected and died of HIV/AIDS. Of the estimated 35–42 million people with HIV/AIDS, only 440 000 of those living in middleincome and low-income countries are on antiretroviral therapy. This number is substantially lower than the 3 million people targeted to be on therapy in these countries by 2005. There is increasing concern that the “3 by 5” target will not be met and that the number targeted by WHO and UNAIDS to be treated by 2005 is too low. Our objective was to estimate the actual need for antiretrovirals among HIV-positive adults outside of Canada, the USA, and western Europe. (excerpt)
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    Peer Reviewed

    Achieving the WHO / UNAIDS antiretroviral treatment 3 by 5 goal: what will it cost?

    Gutierrez JP; Johns B; Adam T; Bertozzi SM; Edejer TT

    Lancet. 2004 Jul 3; 364(9428):63-64.

    The “3 by 5” goal to have 3 million people in low and middle income countries on antiretroviral therapy (ART) by the end of 2005 is ambitious. Estimates of the necessary resources are needed to facilitate resource mobilisation and rapid channelling of funds to where they are required. We estimated the financial costs needed to implement treatment protocols, by use of country-specific estimates for 34 countries that account for 90% of the need for ART in resource-poor settings. We first estimated the number of people needing ART and supporting programmes for each country. We then estimated the cost per patient for each programme by country to derive total costs. We estimate that between US$5·1 billion and US$5·9 billion will be needed by the end of 2005 to provide ART, support programmes, and cover country-level administrative and logistic costs for 3 by 5. (author's)
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