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    Drugs alone are not enough. Community-based support for ‘3 by 5’.

    Nunn M; Baggaley R; Melby J; Thomas A

    London, England, Christian Aid, 2004 Jul. 17 p.

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) hopes to treat three million people with antiretroviral drugs by 2005. If ‘3 by 5’, as it is known, is achieved it would represent a ten-fold increase in the number of people in poor countries receiving antiretroviral treatment (ART). This would be a hugely important step – prolonging the lives of the most productive generation and allowing parents to survive long enough to put their children through school. Christian Aid applauds this commitment but warns that this is a highly complex situation. HIV/AIDS is the biggest threat to the developing world. Today’s productive generation is dying and the workforce of tomorrow is being left without parents; the economic future of the developing world is bleak. But, as Drugs alone are not enough shows, without the appropriate infrastructure the drugs themselves may actually become counter-productive. Community organisations and networks must provide recipients of drug treatment with backup. Home-based care and other community-support programmes, the backbone of much of Christian Aid’s HIV work, are ideally placed to provide these services. (excerpt)
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