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    Country statement submitted by the government of Ukraine.


    In: European Population Conference / Conference Europeenne sur la Population. Proceedings / Actes. Volume 2. 23-26 March 1993, Geneva, Switzerland / 23-26 mars 1993, Geneve, Suisse, [compiled by] United Nations. Economic Commission for Europe, Council of Europe, United Nations Population Fund [UNFPA]. Strasbourg, France, Council of Europe, 1994. 355-8.

    The population of the Ukraine in 1993 was 52.2 million. The basic tenets of a population policy have been under consideration since independence in 1991. Development of a population policy is considered integral to social and economic policy, and the policy will be concerned with the rights of individuals and married couples in determining and planning family size. In 1991, deaths exceeded births. Population has been at or below replacement level for a number of years. The proportion of men aged over 65 years and women aged over 55 years has increased to 21.7% of total population, and in six regions the proportion has been over 25%. The Chernobyl accident and its consequences, including air and soil contamination, are preeminent concerns. A Ukrainian national register monitors the health of the victims of Chernobyl. In 1991, an environmental protection act was passed to protect the health of expectant mothers and children. A migration service is planned for regulating migration and dealing with the repatriation of deported population groups. Financial difficulties have hampered greater involvement in international efforts. In fact, financial and technical assistance would be welcomed in the effort to adopt a national system of statistics in accordance with internationally accepted accounting and statistical practices.
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