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    [Population problems in selected developing countries] K niektorym populacnym problemom vo vybranych rozvojovych krajinach.


    Ceskoslovenska Gynekologie. 1977; 25(3):110-114.

    The demographic problems and development of some developing countries and their relative position in regard to the developed countries is reviewed. The population of the developing world presently constitutes 2/3 of the total world population. The growth rate of these countries is approximately 2.5% as compared with the developed countries' rate of .8%. Since 1950 these countries have contributed 15.8% of total world population growth. As a result of the startling growth of these countries, their demographic problems have attained international importance. A concrete approach to the problems of population control within this area has been developed under the auspices of the U.N. which is outlined here. The ultimate goal of such population control is considered to be a balanced population growth, which involves the resolution of many related socioeconomic problems.
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