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    [Developments in the IPPF. 1. Results of the meeting of the Governing Body November 1975] Entwicklungen in der IPPF. 1. Ergebnisse der Ratssitzung November 1975.


    Profamilia Information en, December 1975-January 1976. p. 19.

    The Governing Body of the IPPF, which meets every 2 years with 6 representatives from each of its 8 regions, devoted its 1975 session to a 1-day seminar on the relationship of governments to private family planning organizations and the future development of these organizations. In another proceeding, the Central Medical Committee and the Law Board presented guidelines for laws and regulations governing access to contraceptives. Other important topics of the meeting were the inner structure and functioning of the IPPF. A new model was passed for the central agencies - a meeting of all member organizations every 3 years to elect the president, approve any rule changes, and discuss and pass a 3-year plan for programs of the organization. The present Governing Body is to be reduced in size (4 rather than 6 representatives from each region), but will meet annually. Further topics concerned standardization and division of responsibility between the staffs of the main office and the regional bureaus of the IPPF.
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