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    [Clitorectomy: female circumcision] Klitorektomie: weibliche Beschneidung.

    Homuth I; Rethemeier A

    Pro Familie Informationen. 1979 Dec; 5:19-21.

    The Pro Familia organization published a declaration that the International Planned Parenthood Federation do all it could to prevent the incidence of female circumcision. Studies showed that this practice is followed in Africa, Asia, and Latin America by Muslims as well as members of animist religions. The clitoris and part of the labiae minorae are removed; this is meant to remove the source of sexual pleasure and prevent premarital and extramarital sexual intercourse. In some cultures the labiae minorae are sewn together, with a small opening left to accommodate menstrual bleeding. This practice has caused death by bleeding and blood poisoning and today is sometimes performed in clinics to avoid these dangers, often without success. Male and female circumcision are still seen in many cultures as necessary prerequisities to the maturation process.
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