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    [Developments in the IPPF. 3. IPPF recommendations of guidelines for the distribution of contraceptives for protection of the users' rights] Entwicklungen in der IPPF. 3. IPPF Empfehlungen von Richtlinien fuer die Verteilung von Kontraeptiva zum Schutz der Rechts der Vebraucher.

    International Planned Parenthood Federation [IPPF]. Governing Board

    Profamilia Informationen, December 1975-January 1976. p. 20-21.

    The Central Medical Committee and the law Board of the IPPF have suggested that the following 5 guidelines, concerning the distribution of contraceptives, presented by the Community Based Distribution Programs, be accepted and enforced. 1) The distributor should obtain adequate information from and about the user, to ensure that he will be able to use the contraceptives properly and to judge the effects use or nonuse of a particular contraceptive will have on the health of the user. 2) The distributor should function as much as possible in a framework where information concerning and services providing various methods of birth control are available, so that the user may choose the most suitable alternative. 3) The distributor should see that appropriate information concerning proper use of a contraceptive method chosen by the user is available to him or her. 4) The distributor should have on hand information concerning doctors or agencies for consultation, if further help is needed. 5) The distrubutor should supervise, control, and judge the continuing use of the contraceptive technique by the user and maintain a system of referrals to ensure the user's right to adequate care. These guidelines should be modified by family planning organizations to conform to national exigencies. Furthermore, the legitimate relationship between doctor, distributor, and user may be partially formalized by application of standing regulations, use of brochures about contraceptives and their effects, questionnaires, printed statements of consent, and other measures.
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