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    [Health education needed more than ever: women's position must be strengthened] Terveyskasvatusta tarvitaan kipeammin kuin koskaan --naisten asemaa vahvistettava.


    The International Union of Health Education (IUHE) and a Finnish health education association held the 14th World Conference in Helsinki with the participation of the WHO, UNICEF, and over 1200 participants from 92 countries with more than 1000 presentations. Female authors pointed out that globally women's health education efforts had to be bolstered and their role enhanced. Matti Rajala, the new president of IUHE was pleased with the meeting that offered an opportunity for valuable personal contact. The address of the outgoing president touched on health education in schools, education on AIDS prevention, involvement of people in programs, the continuing education of professionals in basic health delivery, and the situation in various countries. UNESCO representative Victor Kolybine underlined the obligation of the state to engage in health communication to the populace which entails a common effort also for health care professionals and scientists. UNESCO was more concerned with the facilitation of health education programs in schools. The IUHE president declared that health education faced competition from a surge of information, new knowledge, and lack of funds. The budget of the tobacco industry far outstripped health education promotion. It is unfortunate that prosmoking advertising and marketing target developing countries that can allocate less money for health education just when smoking has declined in developed countries. A Hyde Park style open forum allowed free debate among participants. A Finn-Health exhibition was also on display, and the next conference was scheduled in 3 years in Japan.
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