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    Art for AIDS.

    Joint United Nations Programme on HIV / AIDS [UNAIDS]

    Geneva, Switzerland, UNAIDS, 2007 Jun. 174 p. (UNAIDS/07.14E; JC1312E)

    The United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) commemorated its 10th anniversary in 2006. In November 2006 UNAIDS moved into its new headquarters in Geneva, a building it shares with the World Health Organization. For UNAIDS, this new space is a convening centre for increased dialogue on AIDS issues and a centre for Art for AIDS. The building is both modern and organic-with the theme of permeability. Art is the focal point in the minimalist setting. Art has played a central role in the response to AIDS. From AIDS quilts in America to memory books in Africa, from painting, multi-media to sculpture - AIDS has influenced art and the artistic world. The UNAIDS ART for AIDS collection are museum quality pieces that provoke thought and dialogue. With an initial emphasis on African art and artists, the pieces have been assembled through the generous support of artists, collectors and donors. (excerpt)
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    Beauty-full images portraying hard lives.

    Confalone N

    Choices. 2001 Autumn; 36-7.

    In 2000, the Spanish Family Planning Association--Federacion de Planificacion Familiar de Espana--a member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) European Network, organized an international photographic competition. The competition was supported by Face to Face, the UN Population Fund and IPPF campaign designed to increase awareness that women's rights are human rights. The theme of the competition was the situation of women around the world with respect to their sexual health, their reproductive life and their rights. From 300 entries, the jury chose 69 photographs, which were exhibited together with an additional 19 photographs, donated by professional photographers. The first `Women of the World Face to Face' exhibition opened in Madrid on 2 June 2000, accompanied by a beautifully illustrated catalogue, in Spanish. (author's)
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