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    54th session of the Commission on Human Rights. Item 9a. (Alternative approaches and ways and means within the United Nations system for improving the effective enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms). Statement.

    Baum GR

    [Unpublished] 1998 Apr 6. 3 p.

    A statement concerning the 54th session of the UN Commission on Human Rights (UNHCR) by the head of German delegation is presented. This subscribes fully to the intervention made by the UK on behalf of the European Union on the human rights of women. In the area of violations of women's human rights, Germany is combating the international trade in women, sex tourism, and situation of female refugees and genital mutilation. Thus, the Federal Government places a great value on cooperation with nongovernmental organizations. Another emphasis was placed on the national and international networking between advice centers, awareness building among women in the countries of origin, and further training. The Federal Government and the UNHCR share the concerns on the status of female refugees in Germany.
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    Peer Reviewed

    Growth of the Czech child population 0-18 years compared to the World Health Organization growth reference.

    Vignerova J; Lhotska L; Blaha P; Roth Z

    American Journal of Human Biology. 1997; 9(4):459-68.

    A comparison of the findings of nationwide anthropometric surveys carried out in the Czech Republic at 10-year intervals in 1951-91 with World Health Organization (WHO) growth references identified an ongoing secular trend in the height of Czech children of both sexes and a decrease in weight, especially among older girls. Compared to the WHO reference data, Czech infants demonstrated a growth acceleration in the first 6 months of life. Mean weight values for Czech infants aged 0-2 years were insignificantly above the reference curve in all 5 surveys. The 1971 curve for height in boys 12-18 years and girls 11-18 years most closely mirrored the WHO reference. In 1991, in 17-year-old males, height increased an average of 3.8 cm compared to 1971 and 7.1 cm compared to 1951; in females, these average increases were 2.9 cm and 4.7 cm, respectively. As in other developed countries, overweight and obesity were more significant problems than malnutrition. Since the Czech Republic is still undergoing socioeconomic changes with the potential to increase population diversity, it is recommended that factors such as education, income, and occupation per household head be monitored to detect any trends that could have an adverse effect on the nutritional and health status of Czech children.
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    Global estimates and projections of population by sex and age: the 1984 assessment.

    United Nations. Department of International Economic and Social Affairs

    New York, New York, United Nations, 1987. ix, 385 p. (ST/ESA/SER.R/70.)

    The report presents the estimated and projected sex and age distributions according to the medium, high, and low variants for population growth for 1950-2025 for countries and areas generally with a population of 300,000 and over in 1980. The data for smaller countries or areas are included in the regional population totals and are not given separately. This report supplements the report on the WORLD POPULATION PROSPECTS: ESTIMATES AND PROJECTIONS AS ASSESSED IN 1984, which presents methods, data, assumptions, and a summary of major findings of the estimates and projections, as well as selected demographic indicators for every country or area of the world. The sex and age distributions of population in this report are based on the 10th round of the global demographic assessments undertaken by the UN Secretariat. They are derived from data that were available to the UN generally by the beginning of 1985; therefore, the figures presented supercede those that were previously published by the UN.
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