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    Statement by representative of Ukraine.


    [Unpublished] 1999. Presented at the United Nations Commission on Population and Development, Thirty-second session, New York, New York, March 22-31, 1999 [3] p.

    This is a statement concerning the "Report in world population and monitoring," by the representative of Ukraine at the Thirty-second session of the UN Commission on population and development, March 1999. The general social and economic situation in the Ukraine--particularly the consequences of last year's financial crisis--continues to have a negative impact on the development of basic demographic trends and population reproduction (population has been declining at an annual rate of almost 0.4 million). Reasons for population decrease include the following: (a) falling birth rate, (b) death (morbidity and mortality) due to the change in social and economic relationships, and (c) infectious diseases. The social and demographic situation in Ukraine is marked by the following trends: a progressive aging of the population and a worsening of the nation's general health. In response to these trends, the government of the Ukraine has implemented an Action Plan aimed at improving the country's demographic situation.
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