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    Romania: AIDS time bomb. The authorities are struggling to deal with rising levels of HIV infection.

    Tuchel D

    London, England, Institute for War and Peace Reporting [IWPR], 2003 Oct 31. 4 p. (Balkan Crisis Report No. 466)

    A combination of fear, ignorance and poor health care is threatening to spark an AIDS epidemic in Romania. The ministry of health and family last year estimated that more than 12,500 people were either HIV-positive or living with full-blown AIDS - the majority of them young people. While the health care system has improved over the last decade, it remains in need of reforms and investment - public expenditure on health is the lowest in the region. Aware of the looming threat of an epidemic, the Bucharest authorities have declared prevention and treatment a priority. They launched an Action Plan for Universal Access to HIV/AIDS Treatment in 2001 as part of a UN initiative to combat the virus, allocating 25 US million dollars for the project. (excerpt)
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