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    Housing search and consumption adjustment.

    McCarthy KF

    [Unpublished] 1980. Paper presented at the Population Association of America Annual Meeting, Denver, Colo., Apr. 10-12, 1980. 39 p.

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    A disaggregate model of residential mobility and housing choice.

    Onaka J; Clark WA

    Geographical Analysis. 1983 Oct; 15(4):287-304.

    The independent but linked traditions of stock adjustment models of residential mobility and the hedonic theory of housing demand are brought together. The principal research findings of these traditions are reviewed, an application of the random utility model to housing choice and mobility decisions is proposed, and preliminary empirical results based on retrospective household surveys conducted in South Bend, Indiana, are reported. (author's)
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    Microeconomic effects of women entering the labor force.

    Reagan BB

    In: Women and the world of work. Edited by Anne Hoiberg. New York, N.Y., Plenum Press, 1982. 203-221.

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