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    High alcohol-related premature mortality in France: concordant estimates from a prospective cohort study and national mortality statistics.

    Zureik M; Ducimetiere P


    This study examines the magnitude of alcohol-related premature death in the French population, which still has the highest average alcohol intake in the world and a relatively low coronary heart disease mortality rate. Two data sources were used: the national mortality data in 1990 and a prospective mortality experience in a cohort of 2,687 middle-aged working men examined in 1980-1985 and followed-up during an average of 9.3 years. In the general population study, alcohol-related premature mortality (35-64 years) was calculated using alcohol-attributable fractions (AAFs) derived from studies of alcohol involvement in deaths from various causes....This study reports the persisting high alcohol-related premature mortality in the French general population, as well as in middle-aged working men. The results suggest that efforts should be [made] to reduce further the consumption of alcohol in France. (EXCERPT)
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