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    ICPD issues and us -- some reflections.

    Shiva M

    Health for the Millions. 2004 Aug-Nov; 10-15.

    It was not just the emergency period that gave family planning a bad name, but it was the way the F.P. Programme had been planned with setting of 'targets’ number wise and gender wise. Dr Ashish Bose had called this "Targetitis". During the emergency as a post graduate in CMC, Ludhiana I heard from my senior doctor and teacher how on his way back from Delhi to Ludhiana, he had been stopped and marched to a F.P. camp for forced sterilization - and how he had escaped by the skin of his teeth when he demanded to talk to the collector whom he said he knew. If this could happen to a senior doctor, what would have been the fate of lesser mortals, many of whom were not even married nor had a living child. It was cruel. Equally cruel was the putting of IUCD/Copper T in women, even with blatant infection. Women complained of white discharge and all those involved in women's health were well aware of it. How could trained doctors and health personnel putting in IUCDs, in the numerous family planning camps not feel the need to address the other gynecological problems? (excerpt)
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