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    Panel discussion: To seek the new and rational standard on population and sustainable development for the coming century (special focus on food security). Discussion.

    In: The Fourteenth Asian Parliamentarians' Meeting on Population and Development, April 4-5 1998, New Delhi, India, [compiled by] Asian Population and Development Association. [Tokyo, Japan], Asian Population and Development Association, 1998. 137-42.

    This paper is a transcript of a panel discussion which focused on seeking new and rational standard on population and sustainable development for the coming century among Asian countries. Although concentrated mainly on food security and production, the paper also elaborates on population growth and how education affects its dynamics. For example, according to the delegate from China, the miraculous downward trend of population growth in her country was brought about by implementing a family planning policy while promoting education for all the people, especially those in rural areas. The practicability of the World Food Bank (proposed by the delegate from India) as a means for maintaining a stable food supply, is debated. Issues involving anti-poverty measures, the purchasing power of the poor and food distribution systems are also discussed. One participant proposes controlling food prices and making sure that the food supply is distributed evenly to prevent hunger. Another participant states that, apart from tremendous leakage in the distribution system, there are also problems such as weak infrastructure, road network, storage capacity, and delivery system that constitute barriers to adequate food distribution, so that, in spite of subsidies, the poor are not able to benefit from the situation.
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