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    Quantification of health commodities: HIV test kit companion guide. Forecasting consumption of HIV test kits.

    John Snow [JSI]. DELIVER

    Arlington, Virginia, JSI, DELIVER, 2009 Jun. [53] p. (USAID Contract No. GPO-I-01-06-00007-00)

    Successful implementation and expansion of HIV counseling and testing services is dependent on the continuous supply and availability of high-quality HIV test kits and the additional consumable supplies required at HIV testing sites. The variability in HIV testing procedures, the multiple purposes of testing, and the different types of HIV test kits available pose particular challenges in managing HIV test kit supply chains. The primary focus and purpose of this companion guide is to supplement the general guide on Quantification of Health Commodities: A Guide to Forecasting and Supply Planning for Procurement by describing in detail the specific methodology for forecasting consumption of HIV test kits as a critical step in the overall quantification process.
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