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    [The decline of marriage] Le recul du mariage.

    Forse M


    The implications of current changes in marriage patterns in France are explored. The author notes that the growing popularity of consensual union has not significantly affected the homogamy of couples and the transfer of resources between generations. However, the social and economic consequences of these changes in nuptiality are significant, involving a decline in fertility, changes in the demand for employment, increased housing needs, changes in social security, and changes in consumer demands. (ANNOTATION)
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    [The decline in fertility in the Federal Republic of Germany and some of its economic consequences] Spadek plodnosci w Republice Federalnej Niemiec oraz niektore jego konsekwencje ekonomiczne

    Schaich E

    Studia Demograficzne. 1984; (3/77):81-99.

    The causes and consequences of the continued fertility decline in the Federal Republic of Germany are examined. Factors associated with this decline include the increased demand for consumption, the desire for better living conditions, increased educational costs for children, the desire of women to continue their professional careers, the increased frequency of consensual unions, and, above all, the elimination of unplanned births. Special note is made regarding the threat that decreased fertility poses to the viability of the system of retirement funds. (summary in ENG, RUS)
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    Peer Reviewed

    Caribbean family and household organization: some conceptual clarifications.

    Rubenstein H

    Journal of Comparative Family Studies. 1983 Autumn; 14(3):283-298.

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