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    Leaving the countryside: rural-to-urban migration decisions in China.

    Zhao Y

    AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW. 1999 May; 89(2):281-6.

    This paper employs a simple theoretical model of labor allocation within rural households, given existing land arrangements in an attempt to explain why rural Chinese do not fully participate in labor migration. It first explores the mechanisms by which individual, household, and community characteristics affect the migration decision. Empirical results are then presented to substantiate the derived hypotheses. The paper further explores the question of whether the migration decision is permanent by analyzing the responses of household consumption to income from migration. (EXCERPT)
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    Technology and the social regulation of fertility.

    McNicoll G

    TECHNOLOGY IN SOCIETY. 1987; 9(3-4):261-73.

    Technology as a factor influencing fertility is discussed. The author argues that "technological change affects the demand for children, and hence for fertility regulation, both by directly altering the expected benefits and costs of children to parents and by influencing the cultural and social structural underpinnings of that economic calculus. Routes of that influence include the demand for education generated by competition for modern sector employment, the consumerist values and lifestyles conveyed by communications media, and the erosion of community and kin pressures on individual behavior in a more mobile and more commercialized society. Such forces for behavioral change, it is argued, are more powerful factors in fertility decline than either the 'social technology' of contraceptive service delivery (family planning programs) or improvements in the technology of contraception itself." (EXCERPT)
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    The socioeconomic determinants of infant mortality in Jordan: an economic approach.

    Lewis MA

    [Unpublished] 1984. Paper presented at the Population Association of America Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minn., May 3-5, 1984. 59 p.

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    Population size and the social welfare functions of Bentham and Mill.

    Nerlove M; Razin A; Sadka E

    Economics Letters. 1982; 10(1-2):61-64.

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