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    [To be as they are] Essere come loro.

    Galeano E

    RIVISTA DELL'INFERMIERE. 1992 Jan-Mar; 11(1):43-7.

    The Third World emulates the First World of development by taking the same road to modernization out of backwardness. However, if the poor countries achieve the level of production of rich countries, the planet will perish. It is already gravely damaged by industrial civilization's consumer society. In the last 20 years, while the population has tripled, erosion has destroyed the equivalent of the whole cultivable area of the United States. 15 million hectares of forests are lost every year, and 6 million are transformed into deserts. the result is destruction of the Amazon tropical forests, deforestation for beef production in Costa Rica to serve the US McDonald's chain, indiscriminate pesticide use, and unbridled consumption of energy and natural resources (the consumption of one northern American equals that of 50 Haitians). The richest countries that make up 6% of the world's population consume 1/3 of all energy and natural resources. The massive application of the American way of life could lead to the collective suicide of humanity. In the US, unlimited consumption has resulted in more working hours and the doubling of stress in the last 20 years, with consumption of almost half of the tranquilizers sold worldwide according to WHO data. Urban air pollution is horrendous in Mexico City, and toxic fumes from cars without catalyzers burning unleaded gas pollute Latin American capitals. Crime and violence abetted by television shows is rampant. The cholera epidemic in February 1991 at the Peruvian coast and in Lima killed 100 people in a few days because of a lack of serum owing to reduced health care outlays. The costs of progress in Latin America include lopsided and strained development (45% of Chile's people live in poverty compared to 20% in 1970). A 1990 article in the magazine Stern about Germany's economic production indicated that the damage caused equals 1/4 of the gross national product.
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    [Family situation and social adjustment according to emigrant letters] Situazione familiare e inserimento nella societa locale attraverso le lettere di emigrati.

    Campus A

    Studi Emigrazione. 1981 Mar; 18(61):3-28.

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