Using a quality improvement approach to improve contraceptive security in Tanzania.

Brown J; Yahner M; Wickstrom J
New York, New York, EngenderHealth, RESPOND Project, 2013 May. [8] p. (Project Brief No. 14)

The RESPOND Project worked with local partners to implement COPEĀ® for contraceptive security (CS) in two districts in Tanzania (Newala in Mtwara Region, and Meru in Arusha Region). The partnership included the MOHSW, the Medical Stores Department (MSD), EngenderHealthā€™s ACQUIRE Tanzania Project (ATP), and USAID|DELIVER. One objective of the activity was to document how COPEĀ® for CS can improve district and facility ownership and capacity to manage FP forecasting, budgeting, requisition, and inventory control. A second goal was to test the effectiveness of the new COPEĀ® for CS tool at increasing access for all FP methods, including the requirements for the long-acting and permanent methods of contraception (LA/PMs).

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